Wishing Away

wishing-well.jpgIt seems that during our lives we often wish that the weekend was near. When we get older and make it to the working world, we tend to set our eyes on Friday, or whatever the day starts our weekend.

I know that I have told people that I’m just ready for Friday to arrive. I know a woman that just after we begin our workweek on Monday, she is already saying that she’s ready for Friday and on some Mondays, I am too. One day later in the week, a woman and I were making small talk. I joked that I was ready to end the week. She replied, “We just wish away our lives, don’t we?” I think I just chucked and said, “Yeah.”

Wow! We do just wish away our lives instead of being thankful for the days that the Lord has given us. It’s so nice to have the weekend to relax, unwind, and do things that we enjoy, but often aren’t able to do during the week.

Those weekdays are also nice though. Yes, they often include stress and deadlines. Each hour that we work, we make money to provide for our families. Each hour that we work helps us to develop our skills for the future. Each hour gives us the opportunity to speak into the lives of others.

Not only do we wish away our work week, but we wish away the time spent with our friends and family. Those morning and evening hours with our family are so important. Yet, we wish them away because we’re tired and just ready for a relaxing weekend or the next time that we can catch a break from running here and there.

We should be thankful that the Lord has blessed and called us to where we are in our lives, not wish it away. It’s so easy to become weary and tired because of work, events, and activities. I know that for myself, I need to work on reflecting on each day and the blessings within it. It’s great to be excited about a restful weekend. It seems, though, that we allow ourselves to simply focus on those few days without thanking the Lord for the rest of the week. Each day is given by Him. We should be thankful and glad for His goodness.

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