Contact Information

You may contact me by two ways. You may either contact me through this site by commenting on posts or at the bottom of pages such as this one by submitting a comment. You may also use the contact form found below.

If you would like me to in turn read your blog, please provide the link. Or, if what you say in the email may be posted to my blog and you want your blog to be linked to, send the link and I will do so.

Please Note: Anything that is said via contacting me may be posted on this blog. At my choice, I may make this anonymous. I may do this if I feel that a person should remain anonymous because they feel threatened or simply because they ask to be if what they say might get posted to my blog. Also, if I feel the need, I may edit a post or take out information that is unrelated or is not needed to get the point across but I will never alter the message (this will only be done if contacted privately through the contact form, not if you post a comment).

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