I am not the copyright owner to all content on this blog. I have quoted, linked to, and reblogged posts and writings of others and do not claim ownership to those works. While the copyright is posted to this blog is in reference to my writings alone, I ask that you be respectful to the writers of other works that I have made known on this page and be considerate of the copyright standards they themselves have.

Anything that is posted on this site stems from my opinion and my opinion alone. This is not necessarily the opinion of my church, the websites that I link to, or of anyone else other than myself. When viewing a link that I have posted in a blog or that I have links to, remember that I may not fully agree with all that is said on that site. If you must know if I believe a certain thing, contact me to ask if I believe or not the fact that is at hand.

I reserve the right to delete any comment that I feel is inappropriate. This post may be unrelated, distasteful, or attacking someone or myself. Opinions of those who comment are welcome too, but when they are rude or in an attacking manor, they may be deleted. I am a Christian and therefore, anything that I believe goes against Christian morals or attitudes may be deleted. This will not include a comment on a post if it’s related. However, if there is cursing, I may edit your post to change that specific word to something that is not crude or I may add in a asterisk to show that a word was deleted. I believe that you do not have to be a Christian to be honorable and respectful of others’ morals and values. They will be respected here.

If there is a problem that you feel I need to address, you may contact me.

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