Recommended Books

Handbook of Denominations in the United States by Frank S. Mead

ISBN: 0687057841

This book is a great one if you like to learn about denominations other than your own. I personally have the 7th edition from 1980 but the newest edition I have found is the 12th edition. Even if you bought a newer edition from a used store, the basic information is the same. The numbers of followers of denominations won’t be correct though. This book gives the history of the church and also many of the denomination’s basic beliefs. The ISBN is for the 12th edition.


Christian Perspectives On Origins by Steve Badger & Mike Tenneson

ISBN: Unknown

This short booklet covers the various positions on origins throughout the Christian circle by surveying Christians (particularly Pentecostals). The book also covers positions that non-Christians might hold. The book covers in-depth definitions for subjects such as evolution that are greatly debated, especially among Christians. It helps to answer whether or not a Christian can believe in evolution. This book may be hard to find as it is predominantly printed for use at Evangel University. You can find a brief overview of the book here but the book is much more in depth than this short article and does not explain evolution as the book does.

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